Telkomsel – Sejarah Baru


Telkomsel – Sejarah Baru



Telkomsel celebrated their milestone in getting 100 million customers together with their 16th anniversary. They want to raise people’s awareness about their achievement.


Solution is the website Bubu developed for Telkomsel. We made 2 phases in this project. The teaser website and the full version website.


Phase 1

10 Telkomsel icons were giving their understanding of Sejarah Baru. Everyone who came into the website can also give their own quotes of “Sejarah Baru” .

Phase 2

The complete version of the website launched, with complete features of Telkomsel services.



On Phase 1: We got 454 entries with 370 unique entries.

On Phase 2: We got 33,600 visits, 30,411 unique visitors and #100juta tweets generated 49,672 impressions.