AXE – Call Me Campaign


AXE “Call Me” Campaign



AXE has been present in the Indonesian market since 2002 and has introduced six different variants of its product. Its brand strategy is to help ‘guys’ in the mating game by making them look, feel and smell good. AXE does this by connecting the young men to their primal selves and assist them to reach their fantasy.



The campaign concept is called “Call Me” and is tailored into one big journey with three stages: Tease, Announce, and Inspire phases.  We create word of mouth by having sexy girls rallied to campuses and hangout places and give out flyers that will lead people to visit the website. was purposely developed to look unprofessional with loads of amateur videos on AXE Effect and used the strategy of SEM [Search Engine Marketing] to put WAAXE [Women Afraid of AXE Effect] website appeared in the first page of every search engine.



The WAAXE website reached 10 thousands visitors per day in a two weeks period. We receive 76 millions calls with a total of 31 million unique numbers. Overall sales grew 300% within six months.