AXE Gaya Gokil



AXE Gaya Gokil


AXE wants to help young men to connect to their primal selves and assist them to reach their fantasies. They wanted to increase AXE market penetration in Indonesia, redefining and activating the targeted market and double the number of AXE consumers.


Using social media, we create competition AXE Gaya Gokil to create awareness and educate the target on how to use AXE and rise the usage of product. We made some videos of celebrities using AXE, and let people made videos of their own so they can post it to our FB app. The most attractive video could win prizes like IPad and Motorcycle.


We got more than 300 videos sent to us. Meanwhile, within 2 month AXE ID fanpage in Facebook has reached more thanĀ  400.000 likes.